5 years of Snapshots!

Happy birthday Snapshots!

Today marks the 5th birthday of the blog! 5 years! That’s a dazzling 1827 days, 1882 posts and 1814 photos.

Found on webbyarts.com

Found on webbyarts.com

A huge thank you to those who have been faithfully following the blog from day 1, and another huge thank you to all of you who joined the bandwagon throughout these 5 years.

This version is not Snapshot’s original home – the blog started in 2011 on the Overblog platform and moved here on WordPress April 1st, 2013. A mix of French and English (sorry ’bout that!), the first version of blog is still online and can be viewed under baguetsnapshots.over-blog.com.

5 cameras in total have been involved in the blog, indirectly or directly – my old small Kodak compact from 2006 for all pictures taken up to  2008 – my very first digital camera. That was 10 years ago!

Then came my tiny Samsung SE15, which faithfully followed me throughout my 2 years in Argentina and the first year in Germany (that would be most pictures on the blog taken from 2008 to 2011 – although many of the pics from Iguazu waterfalls and Patagonia were taken with my mother’s camera – it was a better one for landscapes, and she gracefully lent it to me. Thanks Mum! ❤ 😉  ). I still have the Samsung SE15 camera to date – though rarely used, it is very small and therefore practical in some situations like big crowds or sporty hikes.

Christmas 2011 brought an upgrade: a much bigger camera, my oh so faithful Fujifilm Finepix S4000 (all pics on the blog from early 2012 up to now). Now, that one may be a compact camera, but it is awesome – I still have it. Robust and reliable – it accompanied me through quite some adventures, Black Forest hikes and bigger trips – Scotland, Israel, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Austria…
Right now, a good 60% roughly of all pictures currently posted on the blog were taken with it. 🙂
That camera was the first I actually *photographed* with – as in starting to play with light, shutter speed, ISO… it is the camera that taught me to step out of the automatic mode and take the plunge into manual modes – and the camera that pushed me to book photography courses to learn technique.

Which, after 4 years, bought the logical next step: the upgrade in January 2016 to digital reflex with my newly acquired second-hand Nikon D3100. The recent “Winter 2016” series, the carnival 2016 pics or the “Freiburg by night” pics (see for example the photo of the month for January 2016) were taken with it.

What a journey! Now onwards: let’s make it to 10 years of the blog! Not that it will make us any younger, but well…

Thanks again for visiting regularly into my very tiny tiny tiny corner of the Internet. Take care everyone!

And for the sake of it – here is the first picture ever posted on Snapshots 5 years ago, on March 5th, 2011:


And here is the original post.


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